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What other facilitators say

You never know who or what is going to show up in your life and bring such blessings.

…and how…I had the pleasure of accepting 3 World Class facilitators to speak at Mindvalley University 2023.

First I brought Marit on board with ‘Turning Emotions into Fuel’. Then Siv Shields – With a ‘Neurogenetic Tremors’ workshop. Then Jason Shields – Philosophy and Mysticism. All topics that caught my attention, as perspectives I always want to explore and learn more about.

Little did I know, when I walked in to welcome Jason to fire up the week with his powerful talk, I would meet all 3 in that room together, only to find they are all good friends, working closely together.

After spending a week with you all, your presence has been one of my absolute highlights of MVU. I feel such a special connection and resonance that words fail to explain. You are people that are such a gift to this world. Humble, loving, not only world class in the Martial Arts and transformational and spiritual practices, but champions of the greater good and wellbeing of others. Your collective work, and message is amazing.

Anyone, reading this… I highly encourage you to dive into ‘Integrated Human’ and meet these unique souls.

Thank you for being you!

Steve Allen

PSYCH-K® Facilitator | Group Transformation Workshops | Community Manager | Mindvalley

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Important Cacao and Health Information

Cacao is bitter

100% pure cacao is bitter. As with any bitter, too much can make you nauseous. Most drink less than 2 to 3 ounces (57 to 85 grams) of cacao a day. Over time, as your body attunes to the cacao, you may find that you need less cacao to feel the full effect. Less can be more. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.


Depending on dose, SSRI antidepressants and anti-psychotics are not compatible with the MAOI’s (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in cacao. Low to average doses should be ok, people on higher doses should drink less cacao. Check with your doctor.

Heart Rate

Our cacao will raise your heart rate slightly. If an increase in your heart rate could cause a medical problem, drink less. Check with your doctor.

Blood Pressure

Many folks with low blood pressure tell Keith that our cacao (low-caffeine) stabilizes their heart and helps them. Check with your doctor.

Other substances

Our cacao increases blood flow to the brain by 30-40%… so any other substances in your blood will be amplified.


Keith is often asked by people with a caffeine intolerance if they can use cacao. The caffeine content of cacao varies widely amongst cacao varieties and cacao makers. Most find our cacao to have a very low, to no-caffeine feel.


Use less, according to the child’s body weight. It depends on the child. They will let you know. Children who have had an appropriate amount of cacao are more focused.


Real cacao contains compounds that can kill dogs, cats, parrots, and horses. Don’t let them eat it!