About Us

The Integrated Human can guide you to become a successful, fulfilled and authentic person.

The Flow State Continuum is a simple yet powerful way to boost productivity and improve creativity while simultaneously reducing stress. The increased efficiency you experience in the Continuum allows for a sense of “effortless control”, an expanded ability to process more information quickly and accurately. You become open to new ideas, with additional space to chart a more effective path toward problem solving.

In order to most effectively deal with the task at hand, it is essential for you to be fully present, fully connected, to “be” in the now moment. You can only be fully present if there are no pieces of you stuck in the past, bound up in old traumas or unmet challenges, or alternatively flung into an unknown future, projected onto fears and uncertainties of possible problems and challenges. By releasing the energies tied up in old episodes and freeing yourself of anxieties over problems that don’t yet exist, you can supercharge the present moment and turn challenges into opportunities to express and achieve.

The Integrated Human employs technologies that will help you achieve the Flow State surely, safely and easily. These techniques are well established and scientifically validated, and have been used in every arena of life, from elite military training to top leadership in business and education. The techniques involve accessing your inborn ability to process, digest and integrate information. They work, not because of a particular faith or philosophy, but because you are human and have a brain and nervous system whose job it is to do just that—process, digest and integrate experiences, emotions and information.

Once you learn to enter the Flow State whenever and wherever you desire, The Integrated Human will show you how to create the Flow State Continuum—to take responsibility and control of your process, and find the power to live your best life.

You become a happier, healthier, more effective problem solver with more energy and more joy.

One might refer to the Flow State Continuum as a “mastery hack” to a more fulfilling future.

Dr. Jason Shields

Dr. Jason Shields was born in Lovington, New Mexico, and has traveled extensively, living in the USA, Italy and Norway. Educated as a biologist, his love for physiology, functional medicine, nutrition and natural healing led him to pursue qualifications as a doctor of Chiropractic.

Since moving to Norway he has co-founded 3 successful businesses, along with Frontline Academy Voss, and coached, mentored and trained winning athletes in 6 sports. He has had responsibility for the mental and physical preparation and biomechanical evaluation for athletes ranging from local soccer teams and college basketball teams to professional cyclists, World Champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Olympic gold medal winners. Jason is seven times European Master Champion and a multiple times World Master Champion in BJJ.

He is certified as an instructor in Trauma Release Exercise.

Jason’s parents, Tom and Donda, gave him the gift of meditation at the age of 5. Tom taught him to think and achieve. (Tom says, “All I taught him was that thinking was a good idea.”) And his grandfather, Lafayette Green Pool (the real life “War Daddy” portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie “Fury) taught Jason about strategy and tactics and the difference between the two.

Jason has read and studied and sat at the feet of experts in personal development and human potential since childhood, among them Amritananda Mayi (the hugging saint), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Reverend Dr Joe Periera, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Tony Robbins, always learning and absorbing and exchanging thoughts.

From a lifetime of practice and his unique perspective, Jason has distilled the process of developing and maintaining high level performance—be that in the world of athletics, business, health and healing, or day to day living. He has truly harnessed the power of these techniques and proven them in action and taught them to other successful people. Now he wants to share this with the world.

Dr. Siv Jøssang Shields

Dr. Siv Jøssang Shields grew up in Voss, Norway, where she and her husband, Dr. Jason Shields, live and run their busy clinical practices.

Her early years were filled with exploration of the amazing natural world of her home country, giving her a glimpse of the potential for balanced, sustainable living.

She began a lifelong practice of regular meditation as a young child. Her parents instilled in her a deep interest in psychology and personal development. These influences led her to embark on a lifelong, evolving quest to understand the human experience.

Dr. Siv received a BA in Biology, an MS in Physiology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic in the US, where she met her husband. During her university training she was involved in several research efforts, including one of the largest medical research projects on women’s health.

Her formal education enhanced her desire and ability to explore her interests in natural health and personal growth. She has studied and learned from a variety of masters in a variety of approaches, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Amritananda Mayi Ma, Rev. Joe Periera, Dr. David Bercelli, Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Ali Campbell, Michael Breen, Niraj Naik, Simon Chamberland, Deljane Kum-Naksch and many more.

She is certified in Neurogenic Integration and is working closely with Dr. Bercelli. She also holds certification in HeartMath, Hypnotherapy, SOMA Breath and more. She combines these different techniques in a unique and captivating way to facilitate deep, goal-oriented changes.

Dr. Siv’s passion for natural health and natural, balanced living—sustainable both internally and externally—and a lifetime of experience in teaching hundreds of people to attain that balance is one of the prime driving forces of The Integrated Human.

Marit Tyssedal Gabrielsen

 Marit is a former officer in the Norwegian Army, highly trained and experienced as a leader. She is an accomplished international competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And she is the inspiration for The Integrated Human.

After her stint in the military she was aware enough to realize she needed more than just a change of career. Her physical body was broken down through the stress of serving her country. Her mental/emotional state was deeply affected by the critical illnesses of both her mother and grandmother.

Marit was a teenager when she first sought out Dr. Jason for his chiropractic expertise. She had known him for half her life, and recognized his unique ability to distill the essence of all-around success and apply it in his own life and businesses, and to transfer those principles to others as a coach and mentor.

She asked Dr. Jason to be her coach and trainer to help her realize her ambitions as a martial artist—and to take advantage of his chiropractic artistry to keep her body functioning optimally through the rigorous training and competitions of BJJ. For the last five years plus, Marit has been upgrading her skills—body, mind and heart—with The Integrated Human Process (TIHP). The results speak for themselves. She is a successful coach herself, inspiring people around the world and transforming lives through TIHP. She is currently pursuing certification as a Trauma Release Exercise trainer.

Dr. Jason has the process; Marit is the proof. Together with Dr. Siv, they are leading the way for motivated people to find their power, to find inner peace, and to live the highest expression of themselves.