Flow State Continuum Weekend

Join us for a weekend filled with inner research. Learn high performance techniques that have been researched and are accessible to you right away. Get ready to upgrade your life.

Neurogenic Integration

Learn the Neurogenic Integration Technique, how to start the Neurogenic Tremoring in your own body, when you want to. It is a uniquely wonderful experience, gentle, yet powerful as you unleash your body’s own Force of Nature.

About us

Dr. Jason Shields was born in Lovington, New Mexico, and has traveled extensively, living in the USA, Italy and Norway. Educated as a biologist, his love for physiology, functional medicine, nutrition and natural healing led him to pursue qualifications as a doctor of Chiropractic.

Since moving to Norway he has co-founded 3 successful businesses, along with Frontline Academy Voss, and coached, mentored and trained winning athletes in 6 sports. He has had responsibility for the mental and physical preparation and biomechanic evaluation for athletes ranging from local soccer teams and college basketball teams to professional cyclists, World Champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Olympic gold medal winners.
Jason is also an active competitor and multiple times Master World Champion in BJJ.

Classes & programs


Dr Jason Shields brings up real world topics each month and shares concepts that represent an Integrated approach to life. In these live events he speaks for 30 minutes and then answers listeners’ questions.


You might have loved us on the webinars, enjoyed listening to our podcast. But the energy live is out of this world. If you really want to ride the energy and unleash your inner potential, join us at our live events! 

Group sessions

Our powerful group sessions are a dive into exploring and developing our human potential. Every wonder what your hidden talents are? Ever feel like you had more to give than you are currently expressing?


Listen to the podcast, hosted by Jason Shields and Marit Gabrielsen.


“Throughout my active career as an athlete in biathlon, I got regularly chiropractic treatments and advise from Jason. He treats my neck and back so that my body is able to function optimally. Due to frequent and extensive training sessions, I have been struggling with my knees. Jason’s chiropractic treatment and training programs has made it possible for me to continue with my training.”

Gro Marit

Olympic Athlete

Words can never be enough to thank you for your tremendous and unending support to my case, where I really needed support. Ever since I watched your motivational speeches I felt that this guy could help me with my situation.

Dr. Abdullah

Business owner