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Dr. Jason Shields

Dr. Jason Shields was born in Lovington, New Mexico, and has traveled extensively, living in the USA, Italy and Norway. Educated as a biologist, his love for physiology, functional medicine, nutrition and natural healing led him to pursue qualifications as a doctor of Chiropractic.

Since moving to Norway he has co-founded 3 successful businesses, along with Frontline Academy Voss, and coached, mentored and trained winning athletes in 6 sports. He has had responsibility for the mental and physical preparation and biomechanic evaluation for athletes ranging from local soccer teams and college basketball teams to professional cyclists, World Champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Olympic gold medal winners.
Jason is also an active competitor and multiple times Master World Champion in BJJ.

Jason’s parents, Tom and Donda, gave him the gift of meditation at the age of 5. Tom taught him to think and achieve. (Tom says, “All I taught him was that thinking was a good idea.”) And his grandfather, Lafayette Green Pool (the real life “War Daddy” portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie “Fury”—he and his entire crew survived that siege at the end of the movie by the way), taught Jason about strategy and tactics and the difference between the two.

Jason has read and studied and sat at the feet of experts in personal development and human potential since childhood, always learning and absorbing and exchanging thoughts.

From a lifetime of practice and his unique perspective, Jason has distilled the process of developing and maintaining high level performance—be that in the world of athletics, business, health and healing, or day to day living. Now he wants to share this with the world.