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September 12, 2023

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Welcome to NIT Course

This is a introductory course to the Neurogenic Integration Technique so you can participate from anywhere in the world. The course will be conducted in Norwegian.

You will learn NIT as well as understand how and why it works to get the most benefit from applying it in your life. The course has about one hr of lecturing followed by two guided sessions with NIT. There will be a break between each NIT session for 30 min. For more information about NIT, see below.

Please bring a notebook, water bottle, a snack and wear comfortable clothes.

Please have a blanket, and a pillow or two available, a yoga mat or similar to lay down on.

It is a requirement for attending all sessions with Siv that includes NIT in its program. So you can attend all SOMA Breath sessions (except SOMA NIT) without this introductory course.

About NIT

Learn to access your bodies inborn mechanism to release and integrate tension, deep and superficial stress, trigger restoration and to find flow and inner silence though Neurogenic Tremoring.

Neurogenic Tremoring is found in all mammals, it is our inborn, innate way to free our body and mind from stress, tension and even trauma. It is our genetic inheritance, and therefore by definition a Force of Nature, that lives in your nervous system.

Neurogenic Tremoring however, is not done by your voluntary nervous system. Instead you learn to access the tremor mechanism from your autonomic nervous system located in the brainstem. This makes your body vibrate by itself, automatically. This feels totally different than if shaking by will. With Neurogenic Tremoring you relax into the vibration and let it work through your body in its own, innate way, allowing it to release blockages you might hold, physical, emotional and spiritual. It allows you to relax deeply, to find peace and an inner quiet. Your body release old patterns and tensions, and finds a new state of being and helps you to integrate this. This is why we call this process Neurogenic Integration and the way to access the Neurogenic Tremors, we call Neurogenic Integration Technique.

I can teach you the Neurogenic Integration Technique, how to start the Neurogenic Tremoring in your own body, when you want to. It is a uniquely wonderful experience, gentle, yet powerful as you unleash your body’s own Force of Nature.

I can almost guarantee a unique experience unlike anything you have had before, or give a deeper understanding of an experience you might already have had. Most people leave their Neurogenic Tremoring experience with a sense of calm, peace and wonder.

NIT (also known as Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises or TRE®) was created by, Dr. David Berceli, PhD in 2006. Is a simple series of movements and body positions that allow you to access the autonomic nervous system and start the Neurogenic Tremor mechanism.

Warning. NIT is not a treatment for any medical condition and should not replace any form of medical interventions.

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • Treningsloftet
  • Stallgata 10
  • Voss

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  • September 12, 2023 15:00   -   19:00
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